Google doc is a free web based application; it’s an online word processor similar to Microsoft word and other word processing tools. On Google doc you can create, edit, format text or document and work with other people also. Its simplicity, easy collaboration and frequent updates made it more popular among students, educators, professionals, business persons and for everyone who used Google doc.

There are many reason to use Google doc, here are some tips which are very intuitive to use:

1 Language accent button:  If you want to write some text or document in a language other than English the “easy accents” add on could save you a lot of time. Its let you insert accent for 20 different languages directly from a sidebar in your document.

First open your document and click add-ons from the menu at the top of the page. Choose add-ons and search for “easy accents”.

2 Cropping tool: Select an image in your document and click the crop icon in your toolbar. Now drag and drop the blue handles until you’ve cropped the image to your liking. To save it, click “enter” on your keyboard or just click back into your document.

3 Footnotes: To add a footnote to your Google doc, put the cursor in the document you want to appear and go to Insert > Footnote and click in the document to save it.

4 Download as: You can save your document or text in another format by using “download as”, or you can edit access content on different machines or send it to others.

5 Leave voice comments: It allows you to leave voice comments with third party applications. By using Kaizena tool you can leave voice comments throughout a document.

6 Templates: To access the template gallery click the file menu tab, select New and choose from template. You can create your own template for various purposes like designing, resumes, newsletters, invoices and much more and submit it for publically.

7 Compact modes: Click on the upper right corner of your screen to enter compact mode and everything above the formatting menu will collapse and give you another inch or so to work with.

8 Insert special characters: To insert special characters in to your document or presentation, first open a document and click Insert > special characters.

9 Advanced search command: To search something you have to narrowing your search in Boolean operators or you can also write titles in quotation, e-mail address, video and images etc. This can help you more efficiently find your files or folders.

10 Web clip board: By using this tool, you can copy multiple selections and choose one to paste, or you can copy something on one computer or device and then paste it on other. First highlight you would like to copy and then use Edit > Web clipboard > copy selection to web clipboard.

11 Use thesauruses: Thesaurus is located within the “define” tool. When the define tool is used it opens a research window with a dictionary. The definitions are followed by a list of synonyms. Some of the definition listed even includes a listing of antonyms.

12 Offline editing: offline mode lets you create, view or edit document without internet. First click on menu now select settings and look for “offline sync” and click turn on.

9 latest Google doc add-ons 2016

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