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Smart Tattoos With Circuit Boards To Replace Fitness Trackers?

Smartphones, Smartwatches, Smart TVs and now Smart Tattoos. Yes, now Smart tattoos are all set to monitor your health. If you are one of those people who cannot bear wearing fitness trackers on your wrists, then this tech tattoos is the perfect choice.

The company, Chaotic Moon has just initiated to get accustomed with the present health trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, or Apple Watch. And they have outshown a complete new way to monitor your health by getting inked.

New Wearable Tech

The company recently developed a very intriguing new technology, they have given it a name “Tech Tats”and these are quite similar to those trendy temporary tattoos. They will paint your choice of tattoo on your skin, but with an addition of an electronic twist. The components intuit with your tattoo will keep complete track of the person’s health status, which includes body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and stress rate. This tracker will gradually become a part of you.

Get inked with a working Circuit on your skin

“Tech Tats” are prepared with an electroconductive paint where ATtiny85 microcontroller is added to it. The component will be placed on your skin like a body art and then all data of your health status will be transferred to the associated smartphone app and to your doctor. It can fulfill the work of a fitness tracker very successfully.

Wearable devices as body art

The company’s CEO believes that these are biowearables and they can successfully save both the time and money for hospital visits for regular check up. It’s removable too, you can wear them daily for a couple of hours and then remove it if you wish.

It’s not at all like those chunky gadgets, so they won’t even interfere with any of your daily life activities. It’s nothing more than a thin drawing across. You can get any tattoo of your choice, be it aesthetical design or any body art.

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