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20 things girls really do in their 20’s

20’s is the age of transformation of a girl, many changes whether it is mental, physical or emotional are developed during this age. This is the time when you truly discover yourself. Lot of girls experiences various formation in their life, during these years we find ourselves graduating from college renting our own apartments, starting carriers and building new relationships. While learning the changes occur in the early twenties every girl should know these things

1 Travel alone:  It is your first solo trip, a process of ultimate self indulgence. Try to select a new place or country you have gone never before, it gives you the opportunity to check yourself in various situations occur during the trip, it will explore you internal skills.

2 Do something creative: Creativity is an ability to turn your imaginations and ideas alive. It is a process of gaining knowledge, learning and mastering your thoughts.

3 Love yourself: First you should love and accept yourself just as you’re, never tried to change yourself love the way you are, this is the best thing of your life. It will build your confidence.

4 Making good friends: Friends are best part of our life, but you should know that your friend is really good to you. You can share your feelings, sadness and happiness with them. Having good friends is the biggest gift of life, they are always with you.

5 Join a gym or yoga classes: Doing exercise or yoga will reduce your stress, anxiety, and anger. It’s your growing age many physical changes can take place; yoga will help you deal with it. It improved your flexibility and turn into you more attractive and beautiful.

6 Pick up a sport you never had: Playing a game can increase your stamina and physical strength. You can choose a different game, which is challenging for you. As long as you enjoy the sport you become more healthy and fit.

7 Dressed well: Choosing a right dress can help you showcase naturally, do not wear frumpy clothing to hide your body. Select dresses and color which suits you, feel comfortable and look attractive.

8 Spend time with your parents: Discussing yourself with your parents or siblings can help you to come out the problems you faces during this age. Their experiences help you a lot and their always with you in every stage of your life.

9 Go for a blind date: It s a perfect time to go for a blind date or meet someone for first time. If you want to succeed then you must dressed well and communicate better. May be this is the guy you are waiting for.

10 Go for a new look: Transforming yourself with different things, like coloring your hair, choosing different clothes you never tried, classy stilettos, carry branded bags. All these small changes can change your personality.

11 Determine your passion: Most of the girls are confused at this time, what they will want to do. It’s time to take decision or discover your flow or passion into ideal job for your bright future.

12 shop unlimited: shopping is something that every girl should do in this age. It gives a big smile on our faces. When you shop you feel happy and spend some pleasurable time.

13 Be a volunteer: It is necessary that you should communicate socially or join some organizations which will enhance our ability to do work for unknown peoples.

14 Cook for you self:  cooking is something girls do not try in this age. But for once you should cook for yourself.  You can try your favorite food either it is chocolate, cake; ice-cream .This comfort food made by you really does work and lift your mood, its gives you the feeling of relaxation and happiness.

15 Break off social media for once: Challenging you to be disconnected with social media, it will test your patience and tolerance. Give some time for other things also, you can go for cycling or gardening .This things will rejoice you and reduce your stress of being like or not on face book and tweeter.

16 Balancing between saving and experiencing:  Many of the girls are stared work at this age, become independent or live the life as they want to. For them it is quite tough to balancing savings and expeditions.

17 Stop worrying and be happy:  it is normal to have worries and fears at this phase of your life, many girls faces first crush, broke ups, depression, peer pressure. These are the normal emotions that everyone had but you have to face it with patience. Laugh as much as you can and be happy, life is too long and it is just the beginning.

18 Hang out with your friends : go for a movie or rock consort or a dinner .Parting with your friends, have some chilling moments  it is your time to enjoy and experience everything, because this time or this age never come back.

19 Focused on your body and skin: Several changes can take place during this time. You have to face certain things like pimple or hair fall, menstruations. You spend most of the time outside which can harm your skin or health. You have to look beautiful and elegant; you should take care of your body. In today’s time perfect body and beautiful skin matters a lot.

20 Reading books: Books are the true friends of yours. Try to read some book whether it is romantic inspirational, fairytales, comic, horror. Whatever it will give you some quality time to determine your interest.

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