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2017 Opel Mokka Review – Price, Specs and Expected Release Date

Since the year 2013 when they first released the model, Opel has been working on reintroducing the car model to the market. The 2017 Opel Mokka which is a subcompact crossover SUV has undergone some changes to suit the customer’s needs. Mokka is one of the best selling cars from the European giant automobile maker. The model is doing better than most would have expected and it currently ranks at number four best seller from Opel. Most customers prefer the Mokka because of its unique design and the comfort feel it gives drivers, thus the car has been selling in large numbers across the globe since it first entered the market in 2013.

Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 Mokka will definitely catch the attention with its impressive exterior as well as driving dynamics. The car will also impress environmentalist as it does not produce dangerous emissions. The car is very responsive as well and with all that making the car the perfect crossover. The grille on the car is new and looks distinctive. The very nice grille is flanked by amazing headlights. The windscreen on the car is sharply angled and makes vision of the road clearer. The sporty look about the car will immediately catch the eye of potential buyers. These new improved features will help improve aerodynamics of the car.
The 2017 Mokka is spacious very much like its predecessor. There are a host of technological advancements fitted in the cabin of the car. For instance, there is an excellent automatic climate control, the infotainment is also advanced and very much makes the cabin a lot interesting. Also installed is the rearview camera, the camera sends its information to the infotainment system. There will also be a nice navigator installed in the car as well as electronic stability mechanism. There is also some addition of space add to the car for passengers and cargo. The car has a nice sunroof and to top it all up all the seats in the car are heated.

In terms of safety and security, the car has all the security features that most crossover SUV’s have. They include, lane departure warning, front collision, airbags, etc.


There will be a new 1.6-liter turbocharged, three cylinder engine under the hood the 2017 Opel Mokka. The engine is capable of delivering 115 horsepower. There will also be 1.7-liter turbocharged regular engine able to produce 140 horsepower, while the 1.7-liter diesel engine is capable of producing 130 horsepower and 320 pounds of torque. The most impressive part about the engine options of the car is the fact they are in line with the Euro 5 emission standard. The engines are paired with a six-speed transmission that carries power to the front wheels of the car.

The car can easily accelerate from 0-100 kilometers an hour in 10 seconds.
Release Date and Price

The car is expected to hit the market in June 2017. While there is no official confirmed price of the 2017 Mokka, most experts are saying that you will need to fork out at least $26,000 for this model.


It is expected that the car will continue to be among Opel’s best sellers and judging by the specs, the car won’t disappoint. Also one can order an all-wheel drive for the 2017 Mokka, in Britain however, the car will be sold as Vauxhall Mokka.

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