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3 Ways To Maintain IT Security In The Workplace

It is critical that a company keep its IT resources secure at all times. While mistakes will be made from time to time, even a single mishap can throw an organization in chaos. Customer records, sensitive company documents and other important information can be compromised if IT security is not taken seriously.

1) Make It Easy To Identify Who Is On Your Staff
All authorized IT staff should have some sort of identification at all times. This can be accomplished by handing out a name tag or a card that must be swiped to gain access to the company servers. Fingerprint scanning and eye retina scanning devices may also be used if IT security is of utmost importance. Proper identification ensures that no one can merely pretend to be part of the IT staff to gain unauthorized access to the network.

2) Monitor All Instances Of Network Activity
Give each employee and member of your company an ID number and password to access the network. Each time an employee uses the network, their activity should be logged and kept on file for at least 30 days. Anyone not affiliated with the company who would like access to the network should be given restricted privileges and logged on a guest. Any suspicious activity should be noted and dealt with immediately. Taking this step can be useful if anyone wishes to log on to the network remotely or from the cloud.

3) Make Multiple Copies Of The Servers
It is possible to make multiple copies of your information and store them in secure locations. For example, it may be a good idea to run your servers in the cloud. This will ensure that they are not destroyed by a natural disaster. Having multiple copies of your servers will also ensure that human error will not erase all of your data. If your servers are ever under attack from a hacker, that server can be disabled and other copy of your server can be used as backup.
Finally, Customer records, company documents & important information can be compromised if IT security is not taken seriously. Follow these steps to protect your data. When it comes to your company, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. The good news is that IT security measures can be easily implemented to keep business information safe and secure. As long as your company is willing to use common sense, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get everyone in your organization to buy in to the new security measures and faithfully abide by them.

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