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3M Launched Low VOC Window Bonding Adhesive Sealant

In order to address the stringent requirements for environmental safety, 3M launched 3M™ Polyurethane Window Bonder Adhesive Sealant 595 on August, 2018, designed for all-purpose window bonding in temperatures beyond threshold ranges. It demonstrates fast adhesion and rapid curing to lessen production time, with high strength and crack resistance for durability. The product is designed to meet Southern California Air Quality Management District requirements while improving workplace safety by limiting employee exposure to solvents. 3M™ Polyurethane Window Bonder Adhesive Sealant 595 find its application in windshields, structural glass, windows, and other substrates.

Headquartered in Delaware, U.S., 3M was founded in 1929. 3M is a diversified technology company with a global presence operates through following business segments: industrial, safety and graphics, health care, electronics and energy, and consumer. The company employed 91,536 people across the globe. Company recorded the net sale of US$ 31,657 Million in 2017, with majority of revenue (39.1%) coming from the home country United States.

Analyst View:

This launch will help 3M to get an edge over other competitors operating in Low VOC and green & sustainable adhesives market. Environmental agencies are working aggressively to mitigate the impact of VOCs and other potentially hazardous materials on the environment and on the workers by reducing exposure to solvents. Ongoing green environment movement and other prevailing environmental issues will create huge growth opportunity for 3M™ Polyurethane Window Bonder Adhesive Sealant 595 in coming years. Moreover, along with addition of new revenue stream and widening of existing portfolio, 3M will also have the first mover advantage in terms of rapid product adoption by end-users as it is the first 3M adhesives & sealants with low VOC. This development will serve the dual purpose of catering customer varying requirements while addressing the need of mitigating the use of high volatile organic compound.

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