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5 Drinks that Detoxify your body

Detoxify our body is as necessary as food. It’s a process of remove toxins from our body. Present lifestyles and diet brings a lot of disease and irregular health. Varieties of junk food, oily food and bad habit of misbalanced diet can increase toxins which causes many health problems.

detox can be done in many ways, by taking supplements, steam bath, exercise and a balance diet. But nature can give a lot of foods that can detoxify our body easily. These liquid drinks can detoxifies naturally:

Green Tea: Contain oxidants, caffeine; it acts as fat burner and boosting our metabolism. Also contain polyphones which detoxify our body.

Citrus Fruits Juice: Citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, berries are rich source of vitamin, minerals, fiber which purifies blood and remove excess amount of toxins from our body.

Coconut Water: Coconut water is a natural super drink or magical drink having qualities to remove disease and make us healthy. Regular intake of coconut water can detoxify our body magically.

Wheat Grass Juice: Wheat grass juice is a nature’s medicine, it contain amino acids, minerals, vitamin, special enzymes which detoxifies naturally.

Lemon Juice: Great source of vitamin C, lemon juice is most popular detoxifier, also control weight and purifies blood.

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