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5 Little Lifehacks to Make Your Life Easier

There are few tips that everyone knows about but no one uses it, we remind them, just like we did with our post about simple tips to make you more productive.

Here are 5 simple lifehacks to make your life a little bit easier.

1. Use Your Camera Phone to Remember things.

No matter how many to-do lists you use, visual is the thing to remember something. Use your Smartphone camera to remember things, like the things you want to describe to the shopkeeper, take a pic of that object and show it to them. It saves time.

Use it to click a pic of something you are going to repair, so that you know how to assemble it back, take a pic to spot your car in a parking lot and much more, you get the idea.

2. A visible sign to Mark Similar things to differentiate

You have to handle a lot of keys that look similar? paint them with different colors, Earphones: which is is right and which one is left? tie a knot on either of them, this will save you from struggling to figure that out in the dark and when in hurry.

Similar things can be done to switches, cables, lunch boxes etc.

3. Save Your  Files in the Cloud

Majority of the TT readers know how important it is to save files in the cloud, you can access them from anywhere as long as you have the internet connection. Make this a habit to save them in the cloud instead of saving them on Flash drive

You can either use Google Drive and work with Docs, Spreadtsheet etc in the browser and it gets saved to the cloud in real time. You can also use Dropbox and save your files in the dropbox folder to keep it synced to the cloud (and with your other Computers).

4. Use Truecaller to Avoid Spam Calls

Truecaller is a life saving app, It is a global directory of mobile phone numbers and let’s you see who is calling, even if the number is not from your contact list.

This is specifically helpful to avoiding spam calls. I have never picked up a call that I don’t want to pick.

5. Use Google Now to set reminder. 

I love Google now, it’s is my personal assistance. You can use ask to to remind you for something and it will never forget to remind you. I ask it to wake me up after 20 minutes when I am sleepy and want to take a nap.

I ask it to remind me to turn off the stove after 20 minutes, so that I don’t end up spilling the milk all over the stove. I use to for everything that needs my attention after a few minutes or so. it’s a life saver.

We have more, but this is it for now, it’s better to post such tips in small installments like this so that you learn and adapt. I hope this will makes your life a little bit easy.

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