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5 things know about Pokémon duel

After the smash hit of Pokémon go Nintendo released a brand new Pokémon duel on January 24, 2017, which hits the app store again. It supports Android and Os and free game which you can download from iTunes or Google play.

1 How to start: game started with a duel set of starter pack having six Pokémon and three plates. In this board game you will moved all of your Pokémon into rival’s territory to reach your goal before your rival reaches the goal in your territory.

2 Strategic battles: winning the battle by taking smart moves or play strategically, you have to collect virtual figures and them in an attempt to take over territory from your rival. You will fight your rivals in real time win duels and get all kinds of cool figures and items.

3 Rating boosters: first of all you will need to unlock booster pack which can be done by collecting gems obtained by winning matches or play real money. Winning a game can boost up your rating, after reaching 1,200 rating will get a league promotion. You can earn gems to open time boosters and purchase items from shop too.

4 Improvising team: having a team of six Pokémon which can be build or customized according to you, building a deck with your favorite figures and then leap into a league match. Training center may help you to collect more items and improve your skills, make more powerful Pokémon to improve your team.

5 Play online: on tab the league match button game start automatically with a player from anywhere in the world. More you play more you win and get more chances to collect different Pokémon figures.

Pokémon duel seems simple but it becomes surprising difficult as you move ahead. Wining trick is you have to reach your goal before your opponent reach there, this involves spinning a wheel with a variety of moves on it, or sending Pokémon on different routes to block opponents Pokémon. You can experiences a lot of different things while playing this game, which make you crazier about it.

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