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5 Things never offer to lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is known as most calm and humble deity according to Indian mythology. But on one side, he is very easy to please another side he becomes very angry too. Everyone had knowledge how to worship lord Shiva, what to offer him or what to not. Here are some things which you never offer to lord Shiva:

1 Ketaki or Champa Flower: According to mythology story ketaki or champa flower is cursed by lord Shiva, that why no one can offer ketaki flower to lord Shiva.

2 Tulsi or Basil Leaves: It is said that basil plant is wife of lord Vishnu, and basil leaves are most common to offer lord Vishnu. According to Indian mythology lord Vishnu’s Prasad or bhog is incomplete without basil leaves. That is the reason tulsi is not offered to lord Shiva.

3 Haldi or Turmeric: Turmeric is offered to other Indian deity, but it is not offered to lord Shiva.

4 Kumkum: Kumkum is considered as female beauty enhancer, or it can used by married ladies for long life of their spouse, that why kumkum is not offered to lord Shiva.

5 Coconut Water: You can offer a whole coconut to lord Shiva, but its water is restricted to be offered.

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