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6 Impressive Features of Windows 10

Windows 8 has been detestation to Microsoft that Windows 9 is not going to be there. Rather, the unpopularity has led to the skipping of 9 for Windows 10 with marked improvements. The main reason for Windows 10 is perhaps the creation of a shared UI for devices from Tablets to Smartphones right to computers. The Tuesday 30th of September press conference by Microsoft was clear to everyone the company was admitting Windows 8 did not do as they expected and the latest Operating System will no be anything like it, claiming that the new OS will remind many of Windows 7 while incorporating a few Windows 8 elements.

Touch and Charm

In essence, Touch remains generally the way it has been as Charms bar will not be going anywhere although there will be a couple of tweaks. Windows 10 will bring about a transition in the use of the keyboard with the use of touch as the interface of the device changing as per the input of the user.

Return of the Start menu

At the left and front of the UI, Microsoft is returning the Start Menu in Windows 10. Once clicked the menu divides into double columns with one having icons in the form of applications and the other more like the traditional list. The shape and size of the Start Menu is also easy to manipulate, which is the entry to apps. Start Menu also comes with a universal search that shows results from the internet.

Changed command prompt

While the command prompt is mostly used by those who know it well, it will be very easy to use in Windows 10. Before, to paste something you needed to have a context menu opened but now Control V will be enough.


Since Microsoft is looking for feedback this time round, it has added the Windows Inside Program (WIP) where enthusiasts of Windows can help in the analysis and evaluation of Windows 10. Essentially, feedback is expected to be from anyone who understands such concepts as BIOS and DLL.

Multitasking multi-desktops

With the Task view users can now access various desktop screens showing multiple applications in use. The Windows or mini-screens appear at the interface’s bottom. Through the use of the UI’s Snap Assist newly added at the side of the PC screen, it is possible to get applications from other desktops. They are wonderful for those power users known to utilize many programs at the same time and also for extending the time frame. It is the kind of feature that returns Microsoft at the top of the desktop competition as opposed to Tablets, Smartphones and other devices.

Ready to do business

As enterprise featured a lot in California, Windows 10 seemed to have been appealing directly to giant businesses to return to Microsoft. This is because the new OS according to Microsoft is compatible with each of the contemporary management systems with productivity being the main result of using the product. Corporate and personal data has also been separated to allow various security levels so that top-secret data or information that requires serious privacy is protected.

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