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6 Species that Control Diabetes

Diabetes, a serious heart disease is become normal nowadays. In past years diabetes is seen only people above 50 or 60 of age, but at present it may suffers people having young age. Changes occurs in lifestyle may cause several diseases, diabetes is one of them. If once people suffered from diabetes it is difficult to get over it, but natures has always solution for any type of disease. It gives us a numbers of species that can help to control diabetes, some of these species are:

Cinnamon: It is used in many recipes, but it acts as medicine for diabetic patient. Cinnamon contains antioxidants which lowers blood sugar level and improve insulin sensitivity. Regular usage of cinnamon can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride level.

Turmeric: It’s a super antibacterial specie, which can cure any type of infection. Turmeric is a regular spice used in our daily meal. Turmeric contains cur cumin which reduces blood sugar level and inflammation.

Black Pepper: Tiny little black rolls are treasure of good health, it’s a dried specie of a flower which contain vitamin A, flavonoids, carotenes, also contain piperine which help in prevent cancer. Black peppers are antibacterial in nature, their outer layer contain phytonutries which help in reduce weight and increases metabolism.

Mace: Look like a fangled hairs, mace is an outer layer of nutmeg. It is obtained from myristica fragrans tree. Mace contains minerals, iron, copper, vitamin B1, B2, zinc. It is rice in essential oils like eugenu, myristicin, which boosted blood circulation and prevent diabetes.

Cloves: Most popular specie to prevent diabetes, it belong to myrtaceac plant which grows in tropical and subtropical conditions. It boosted immune system and control diabetes. Clove oil extracts imitate insulin and help in controlling blood sugar level. Clove contains antioxidant, which protects liver; also contain protein, lipid, fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, riboflavin.

cumin: Most common spice used in daily usage. Cumin seeds are used or fried or roasted before usage. Cumin contains protein, carbohydrate, mineral and essential oils which lowers blood content and boosting metabolism. It reduces heart disease and diabetes.

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