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7 Best Projectors Suitable for Home and Office

If you are looking for a projector for the home and office, you will find so many headlining breakthrough technologies and a unique user experience. There are also price-performance projector models for daily uses and network activities made to fit a home or office environment easily. Here are seven projectors worth checking out.

1. Viewsonic PJD8353s

PJD8353sprojector comes with a whiteboard feature that is very interactive. The projector is so unique and an item most have never heard about due to its dual interactive pens support to help integrate teaching and transforming any platform or surface into the most interactive kind of whiteboard you will find around. Two users are simultaneously given the chance to make presentations, annotate, draw or write. It is good for home and office due to its efficiency in small areas constrained by space and capable of projecting from just two feet away, a 4:3 70″ image.

2. LG HECTO with TRU Laser Display

While it provides a bright projection whether there is daylight or not, the LG Hecto comes with Tru laser technology, a resolution of 1080p (1920×1080), a 100-inch kind of immersive screen, WiDi and wireless DLNA. This projector is one of the best you will ever find, especially due to its 100 inches of immersive screen that ensures your home or office has a cinematic view feel of its own kind. Its display is the same as four TVs of 50-inch each, transforming the home or office into a full movie theater. HECTO’s anti-reflection screen ensures light will not be reflected from the screen to give viewers a chance to watch it even if the rooms are brightly lit.

3. PHILIPS PHD 1590TV HD 3D Screeneo

With a resolution of 1280 x 800, a screen size of 50″-100″ and a connectivity of HDMI, USB & VGA, this projector is the best to bring cinema right into any living room. Its 3D support and unique resolution makes it what you need to watch the best Smartphone media, sports, games or even films. Apart from a compact convenience, the Screeneo has a 26-watt speakers integrated into it including a subwooffer. No connections or peripherals are required. Sky boxes, game consoles and lots of wired gadgets can be connected via its VGA, USB or HDMI inputs while wireless connectivity is supported.

4. ACER P1173-Home Cinema 3D

This project will display images and presentations from any project including a three Watt sound output including a 3D projection. Its SVGA resolutions, crisp images and brightness make it great for any home. VGA ports allow connection to the Computer to project content saved within the hard drive. Games consoles, tablets and Smartphones connection is supported via the HDMI port.

5. ACER X113 3D

With a resolution of 800×600 and a contrast of 13000:1, 2800 lumens and a screen size of 23”-300”, this projector is capable of displaying images and presentations with its 3D projection an added advantage. It is the best to use at home and also ideal for making the most professional presentations.


The EPSON EB-W03 has a resolution of 1280×800, HDMI, USB and VGA connectivity plus a contrast of 10000:1 and 2700 lumens. It is fit for businesses that want to project content right from their Computers, particularly due to its clarity of content. It gives one a chance to make the most of rapid, though optional kind of wireless connection, fast keystone connection options to ensure any business presentation is very effective.

7. Sony SRXT420

SRXT420 is a 4K SXRD, the newest projector courtesy from the heart of Sony created to meet the changing requirements of professional use, especially due to its high image quality. It has been equipped with triple Silicon X-tal Reflective Display to deliver a 4096 by 2160 pixel resolution. It provides one of the best brightness levels you will ever find at 21,000 lumens and a 3000:1 contrast ratio.

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