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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Chromebook

Chromebook is a different thing from Netbooks with the fact that it does not have Windows being a huge difference. Chromebooks thus run on a fresh and different operating system that while it is not an old OS it isn’t a desktop kind of OS either but a mobile one.

Chromebooks have pretty hardware, especially if the Haswell processors they are running on, which are energy efficient, are anything to go by. Nonetheless, there are many reasons why buying Chromebooks make a lot of sense.

1. Simplicity
Since the only thing you have in a Chromebook is a web browser, it makes them very simple. It contrasts sharply with the Windows 8.1 type of laptop that comes with two unique interfaces and Macbooks that have a long history, making them the simpler of the two.

The device also comes with a login screen and Chrome browser, a unique tab in the Settings of Chrome for different system settings such as Wi-Fi connection and a standard desktop shell.

2. Price
Chromebooks are a must have because they are very affordable. In fact, purchasing a fresh Chromebook at a cost that lies within $200-$300 is very possible, a very tempting price for anyone.

In case you are looking for a laptop mostly to use the browser to access the internet, you will find a Chromebook a better choice and cheaper than a Mac or Windows laptop.

3. Security
Apart from being created on Linux, Chromebooks are not susceptible to malware that affects Windows or Macs. An exe file infection on your laptop is a thing of the past and running protective antivirus software is not necessary. In a nutshell, it is all about simplifying life.

4. Automated Updates
Software and operating systems in Chromebooks update in its background in the same manner that the web browser, Chrome, does on the background on any computer. Worrying as many people do when it comes to Windows Update is a thing of the past including rebooting your device automatically even when you do not want to.

Having all programs on the desktop updating at different times and ruining your browsing experience is not possible with Chromebooks. At any given time, you will be using the latest version, whether you know it or not.

5. Different laptop from the rest
We are always using all kinds of PCs during the day from Mac to Windows and anything in between. Once we arrive home, the only thing we need is a simple laptop to use to access the internet without the clutter of ordinary computers in a fresh computing surrounding in a laptop.

Chromebooks then become the perfect to use at home for a unique browsing experience.

6. Cloud computing
Cloud computing has grown in leaps and bounds and Chromebooks users will benefit a lot from this development. There are clouds of all types from diverse media streaming systems, Evernote, Dropbox to Google. As the world shifts from the use of PCs as devices that stand alone to devices that are simply windows into diverse cloud services, Chromebooks are right there at the front, perfecting the evolution.

7. Chrome Browser is world’s favorite
Currently, Chrome browser is the most used around the world. In different figures on the usage of Chrome around the world, it has been given 43.55 percent and 34.65 percent of market share in others. These are figures over two times those of Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox combined.

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