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73 Of Nation’s Fastest Growing Companies In Tampa Bay

Residents of Tampa Bay and those considering moving there will be happy to know that more than 70 of the nation’s fastest growing companies are located around the city. According to the Inc. rankings for 2015, 73 of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the United States call Tampa Bay home.

Physicians Toxicology Laboratory is the fastest-growing private company in the Tampa Bay area. The company provides urine drug testing and currently employs 37 workers. The company has recorded a 4,415 percent growth in revenues for the past three years. The company ranks No. 59 nationwide on the 2015 list of the 5000 fastest-growing businesses in the country.

E-Telequote is number two on the list of fastest growing companies for the Tampa Bay area, with a 3,613 percent growth rate. E-Telequote markets Medicare health insurance coverage for insurance companies and employs 80 workers. The list also includes Nitro Mobile Solutions, a mobile app software developer, with a 1,797 percent growth rate and Cabinets.com, an online retailer of discount kitchen cabinets, with a 1,157 percent growth rate.

Further down the Inc. list is Alakai Defense Systems, online travel insurance provider Squaremouth, Vology, and College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving. The lowest ranked Tampa Bay company on the list is the Spice & Tea Exchange, a Palm Harbor retailer with 14 employees and a three-year growth rate of 45 percent.

Astonishing growth rates topped 100,000 percent in some cases this year. Smaller firms find it easier to generate such enormous growth rates because they are starting from such a low rung on the ladder.

This year’s top 10 percent of the Inc. 5000 boasted a median growth rate of 1,772 percent. Three of Tampa Bay’s fastest-growing firms had growth rates higher than that. Those included LabTech Software with a 5,208 percent growth rate and defense contractor Crystal Clear Technologies with a 16,000 percent growth rate.

The top ten fastest growing companies in the Tampa Bay area are as follows: Physicians Toxicology Laboratory, E-Telequote Insurance, Nitro Mobile Solutions, Progressive Dental Marketing, Splash and Dash for Dogs International, USA Staffing Services, Bluewater Media, Cabinets.com, Trident Technical Solutions, and Stress Free Property Management.

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