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8 Android Apps for Musicians

If you are a guitarists, the Solo Lite app is worth checking out for good jamming sessions as well as coming up with quality guitar tunes. You have the chance to select among a number of guitar types through this free app as you play with ease and even create original chords.

Pianist HD:

Are you a budding pianist? You will love the Pianist HD app. It has a number of great features with players capable of choosing diverse musical instruments to accompany the piano. The app also comes with lots of songs already uploaded that can be put into good use, for instance as learning material.

Mobile Metronome:

People love music and you might be one of those who have decided to try out your luck in this diverse field. If you would to sharpen your skills and learn, this app should be in your Android device as we speak. Mobile metronome lets the user polish and improve his or her instrument-playing knowhow and it is one of the easiest musical applications to use for Android users. The app also comes with lots of features and currently being used by lots of people globally.

Tuner-gStrings Free:

A chromatic tuner kind of app, it can help in measuring the intensity and sound pitch of a guitar. Tuner-gString is a highly useful and ideal application any guitarist might want to check out, including any musician who is thinking about fine-tuning his or her musical instrument. The app comes with a number of features such as microphone sensitivity, pitch pipe and orchestra tuning, among others.

Caustic 3:

Any person who would like to make his or her music sound wonderful will find the Caustic 3 app for Android very handy. It is an application made for those musicians who might be looking at accessing sequencers, mixers and synthesizers. It is an app capable of helping you come up with personal and new sound through six distinct music machines delivered into your Android device.

EasyBand Studio:

An accomplishment application great for any musician who wants to sketch fresh musical ideals right away, practice solos and create playbacks, EasyBand Studio is also exactly what you need to select tempo and styles to play music for chords dropped into the timeline.

RD3 Demo-Groovebox:

Thinking of creating your own drum loops and grooves? This app will help you do exactly that. You can use it to perfectly make music tracks of your own, including compositions. The user also has a chance of recreating electronic dance tunes and sounds that rocked back in the day. RD3 is an app experienced musicians and the novices can use comfortably.


This app is a wonderful tool to use if you want to rapidly record musical ideas you would like to remember. In case you don’t have a writing pad and a pen or feeling too wasted to type flashes of musical genius on your PC today, WaveRecorder comes in handy. Also, if you have a student you can use the app to record the composition and play it back for the student to know where weaknesses and strengths lie. It is an app you need on your Android device to ensure those melodies that keep popping up in your mind do not get lost.

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