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Ajinomoto Co Inc. launched eight varieties of frozen food products in France

In April 2017, Ajinomoto Co. Inc. commenced full-fledged sales of eight variants of frozen food products such as cooked rice with grilled chicken & vegetables, steamed rice with vegetables & seafood, fried noodles with vegetables, fried noodles with beef & onions, etc throughout France. Ajinomoto Co. Inc started trials of its frozen food business through Ajinomoto Foods Europe S.A.S since April 2016 and positive reviews from retailers indicated a high demand for frozen food products in the country which led to the full-scale launch of Ajinomoto’s portfolio of frozen food products in the country.

Analyst View:

The frozen food market in the France is highly lucrative with frozen ready-to-eat meals capturing the major chunk of the market. In terms of consumption pattern, residents in France are in favor of low calorie food products, distinctive cuisines, and high quality products, due to which the products launched by Ajinomoto Co. Inc are expected to witness significant demand in the coming years. This is also expected to strengthen the company’s position in the frozen food market in France. The aim of the company is to strengthen the penetration of the ‘Ajinomoto’ brand among French population. Further, changing consumption pattern of the working population in the country has led to an increased demand for frozen food among the millenials. These factors, combined together is expected to be beneficial for Ajinomoto Co. Inc. in the frozen food business in the country.

Moreover, Ajinomoto Co. Inc. has set a strategy of promoting Japanese food products in France as well as across Europe. The company is keen on enhancing product portfolio of frozen foods in order to meet the growing demand of consumers while addressing the health and wellness needs of the consumers, which can be achieved through the development of products adapted to the local food culture in the country.

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