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Most Of The Americans Have Shunned Flu Vaccinations

As per a recent survey that the National Public Radio Service Announced, Americans still have shunned the flu vaccination. Over 3,000 female and male adults were surveyed in the study and 64 percent of them opt to not go for Flu vaccine and around 50 percent have the fear that there would be complications after this shot. People having allergic reactions may opt for variations for combating the flu.

On the other hand, the other half among the 64 percent of people feel that they won’t get sick and don’t believe the statistics either. Since flu is an illness that is characterized only with mild coughs, people opt for drinking tea or taking other medications instead of taking the flu vaccination.

Owing to this fact, doctors have been urging people to opt for the shot even if they feel they are healthy during this season, because flu complications are not rare. It might result in many other diseases as well. Infection can be caused in other people too, just be sneezing, after which they can fall victim to very severe illnesses. For getting rid of the problem or for alleviating it, a campaign has been launched by CDC in which awareness has been brought with regards to influenza virus.

“Education didn’t make much of a difference. Income was not a big differentiator. Age was really the biggest differentiator,” Dr. Michael Taylor, Truven’s chief medical officer, tells Shots.

Even Uber, a popular company has shown interest to bring this vaccine popularly among the masses. As per the UberHealth program, vaccination is brought straight to the homes of the people and hence, they don’t have to worry about the commodity or ease of access. With this, people are receiving more awareness and the number of people taking vaccinations have improved.

People have to understand well that even if doesn’t seem serious, cold is definitely a very serious problem in which people are prone to complications very easily.

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