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Apple iphone 8 May Have Bezel-Less Display And Infra-Red Camera

Apple is currently working on the next model of iPhone and it seems that they have left a clue about this upcoming model. We still have a few months left to see the next model by the Cupertino based company but a lot of talks are already going on for this smartphone. There were some rumours about iPhone 8 but those were just the speculations. There is no confirmation about it at this point of time. But, there are some new developments which are hinting about this upcoming iPhone. There are chances that the upcoming gadget can have an Infra-red camera and it can have a Bezel-less display.

A few iOS developers have claimed that smart speaker HomePod’s firmware disclosed a face unlock feature for the upcoming iPhone model. It clearly means that users can just see their iPhone to unlock the screen. The developers have managed to get the information through HomePod’s firmware codebase. Apple is trying to push the firmware for HomePod and some developers have managed to understand the upcoming functions of iPhone. The references of “BKFaceDetect” are giving a clear hint that the upcoming model can have an infrared camera. Therefore users need not have to enter any code to open the screen.

It is not the first time that we are getting the information about this function. Many specialists were already talking about this function. They have claimed before that Apple was looking to include this feature from this year. However, these latest developments keep little doubt about this function. It is now almost certain that at least one model by iPhone may not have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Therefore we may utilize a new function which may appear a little different from others. We may not see just one iPhone model in 2017 as the company is working on different portfolios to provide more alternatives to the customers. The company is going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Therefore things are bound to be special this year.

Samsung is another leader of the smartphone market. This brand has already organized this type of feature but Apple may like to offer something additional which can make the gadget unique. Some leaked images of the upcoming iPhone model also give a clue about Bezel-less wrap around display. We still have a lot of time to see the official figures. However, we will keep bringing you the latest report as soon as we get the information.

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