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Apple Launches Second Beta of iOS 10.1

The competition between Apple and Google will increase in coming times. Apple knows it very well and it is the reason company is interested to offer the best services to their users. Operating system is among the most vital things for a smartphone. It provides the chance to the company to offer innovative things to their customers. Apple understands the point very clearly. Therefore company is getting ready to offer second beta of iOS 10.1 and you can now check it even if you are not a developer. It is a public beta edition. Apple didn’t take much time to bring the new edition after showing the developer’s model.

This new build by Apple is certainly promising and we can expect some new features at the time of stable release. This new version has some minor changes which make it different from its predecessor. One of the unique things is that the new edition is going to be highly favourable for iPhone 7 Plus users. Those who are going to install the new iOS 10.1 public beta 2 edition will be able to utilize the special portrait mode feature of Apple. This function is undoubtedly very exciting for many users because it will use the dual lens camera of this iPhone edition. A special bokeh effect can be created with this function which can offer the results similar to a premium DSLR camera. It is certainly mind-blowing. Don’t you think so?

There is another major change in message section. The revamped messages app will be ready to give you a fresh experience. You will find a new way of presenting the information. Moreover messaging conversation will have a special “Replay” button. It will be capable of showing the effect in new ways. It is very clear that Apple is paying special attention towards Messages app. They brought some inventive things while releasing iOS 10. Now with these new updates company is planning to offer new functions to the users.

If you are a registered user of Apple’s Beta Program then you can easily check these features at this point of time. It is almost sure that Apple will offer some other functions also in future. So try the Beta updates if you like. This will give you a fresh experience of using new functions. If you have not joined the program then you can visit beta.apple.com to get more updates about it.

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