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Apple Launches Special Tool to Check if your iPhone6S Eligible for Free Battery Replacement

There are some iPhone 6S users who are facing the issues with battery from some time. They are complaining that the gadget shuts off randomly and it can happen at any time. Now Apple is acknowledging this fact as they have taken the step in this direction. Company has now decided to replace those batteries for free. This will certainly assist a lot of users who are facing the issue from a long time. The total number of these users is not very high but this information is vital for all iPhone 6S users.

Company has launched a special tool through which you can check if your iPhone 6S eligible for free battery replacement or not. Apple recently admitted that some iPhone 6S models manufactured between September 2015 and October 2015 has some issues. Therefore company has launched a special website through they can check the condition of their iPhone 6S battery. If the serial number of the device comes into the replacement then company will offer the battery without any charge.

You may remember that Apple started a special program to repair the affected gadgets. However the result was not satisfactory. Therefore company is now looking to replace the battery to avoid any further issue. You can now input the serial number to this new tool to check the eligibility of your iPhone 6S. Company is looking to include those devices also which are out of warranty. This is certainly a positive step by Apple. They have recognized the issue and they are getting ready to co-operate with their customers. A special dedicated team is present to help the customers. Visit Settings>General>about to know the serial number of the device.

Some steps are required to be taken if the battery comes under the replacement program. Apple recommends that users should take the backup of the data through iCloud or iTunes. It is also better to turn off the “Find my iPhone” feature. Moreover once you have taken the backup do not forget to erase all the contents and settings. This will help you to keep all the important data safe. There is another point to check here. If your gadget has some another issue which is avoiding company to replace the battery then company will not replace the battery. They are going to replace it only if users agree to remove that specific fault and it will not be free. You can contact Apple Support to know more about the programme.

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