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Apple May Bring their Most Affordable iPad in 2018

Apple brought a new iPad at the beginning of this year. They introduced the model with $329 price-tag and it was good enough for many people. They found the new iPad less expensive than others and it helped Apple to enhance the popularity of this gadget. Now some new reports are arriving from some market experts. They are saying that Apple is currently working on an iPad which may cost even less than the current model. This move by Apple is going to create a buzz in the market.

The Cupertino based company knows it very well that many markets around the globe like to check the price-tag of the model before selecting any specific gadget. Therefore they are planning to work for those customers who always like to check the price before purchasing any specific model. The year 2017 was good for Apple because this year the makers saw the growth in the total sales of iPad. This growth is not very large but it is undoubtedly going to encourage them to bring unique products. The upcoming iPad of 2018 is expected to be different from the regular iPad series. It is considered to be the most affordable iPad by Apple so far. The chances are that this tablet may cost less than $300.

The screen size of this tablet is expected to be 9.7 inches. There are no other reports about all the specifications but there are chances that the gadget may cost around $259 only. Apple is looking to keep the price of this model aggressive because they are looking to keep the shipment of iPad steady in 2018 also. Many iPhone owners change their models frequently but this is not the same with iPad. Most of the iPad owners do not go for the new model immediately after the release. The new models are not offer anything special to them except a few additional functions, display-quality and camera. It is the reason that the growth was not as per the expectations like iPhone. However, the year 2018 may help Apple if they launch this gadget officially. It is almost certain that many new customers would like to purchase this new iPad. It will help Apple to manage their balance sheet more efficiently. So if you have not used iPad so far then the year 2018 may bring something unique to you in this segment.

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