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Apple May Show Three New MacBooks Soon Today

Apple is going to organize the special “Hello Again” very soon. A lot of talks are going about this event and experts are saying that Apple may show three new MacBook models through this event. This event is going to be special for Apple because it may help company to further extend their MacBook line. There are lots of expectations from the company because some talks are going on about the specifications. Company is organizing this event in California campus and it will assist the makers show many new things to the market.

Many specialists are saying that Apple is refreshing their MacBook line-up through this event. We may see a new 13 inch MacBook edition. The new MacBook Air model is going to be different from the current edition. There can be many new things in this event. People are talking about a special 5K Thunderbolt display. Moreover we may also see new iMac this time. The machines can also have the new built-in graphics chip which may offer fresh experience to the users. There are no official words about the models so far. However some leaked sources are indicating that company is looking to show 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro through this event. We may also see a new 13 inch MacBook Air this time. Therefore it is very clear that the MacBook section of Apple is going to get a new look.

Some leaked images also hint that Apple may show a unique OLED Touch bar. It will be like a magic toolbar which is expected to have a fingerprint scanner. People are saying that users will now be able to choose their own keys for different apps. This will be addition of flexibility which may appear handy for many people in coming times. There may not be any additional port in these machines. Processor will definitely be faster than the current model. Weight will also be less. So MacBook Pro is going to be the thing to check this time. This is after a long time that Apple is refreshing the MacBook line. There are possibilities that we may see some other things also. Things like Mac Mini and Mac Pro are also on the radar. Apple is giving something new to their customers. They are looking to end the year on a high note. These models will arrive soon into the market.

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