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Apple May Work on Foldable iPhone Soon

A few weeks ago we discussed the foldable gadget by Samsung. Remember? Now some new reports are also arriving in this segment and this time it is not related to Android. Apple has filed the patent for a type of iPhone which users would be able to fold like a book. This can be a different type of iPhone where you may utilize various flexible sections. The two major companies are not getting ready for a type of competition which may change the market in future. Apple was trying to receive the patent for this type of new model from last three years. However, they have just received the patent for it. Therefore it is very clear that the Cupertino based company will soon start the work on this model.

The new patent is specifically discussing the display. It says that the display can have a flexible region. It clearly means that display can be folded along a specific axis. Therefore the device can be folded with ease and the chances are that users may find this model easy to carry anywhere without worrying about the size of the pocket. Many reports are claiming that Apple is working with LG to bring this type of foldable display. Some experts were saying that Apple may work with Samsung in this section but later on the partnership was finalized with LG. It is a known fact that Samsung and Apple are leading the markets in their own segments. The competition is extremely high. Therefore they decided to go with LG instead of Samsung.

Apple has covered almost all the leading types of displays under this patent. OLED, LCD and micro OLED displays are the part of it. Therefore we may see different types of models which may make the things interesting in future. This upcoming gadget may not be about the foldable display only. It can have foldable circuit boards also. Therefore you can now easily understand how useful it can be for you because it will not be a tough task to carry this upcoming iPhone. The exact time of release is not available but some unconfirmed sources are hinting about 2020.

This new iPhone can be very different from the upcoming foldable model by Samsung. You may already remember that we had discussed Galaxy X some time ago. It is the foldable model by Samsung which may arrive next year. LG is already working on its own foldable OLED panel. Therefore it will not be a big surprise if we see a few more changes in the smartphone market. It is almost certain that many other companies will like to follow the route taken by Samsung, Apple and LG. A new type of competition may start in coming years.

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