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Apple Shows a Trick if the Home Button of iPhone 7 fails to Perform

Apple brought iPhone 7 and the gadget is a big hit as per the expectations. The total sales of this model are increasing rapidly throughout the globe. A number of reasons have been mentioned for the same. This time not only the features of iPhone 7 helped the makers to grab the attention. However some other external conditions are also there due to which the model is performing brilliantly into the market. Many among us already know what happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and this factor cannot be ignored for the popularity of iPhone 7.

Although the model is performing well yet we can say that there are some points we cannot ignore in any case. We all have to pay a huge amount for getting this premium model. Therefore it is natural that we have some high expectations from it. Don’t you think so? This time Apple brought many changes to the model and one of the major changes is the availability of new home button. It is a pressure sensitive button which is very different from the previous physical button. You have to check the surface of the gadget to utilize the new features. Many users liked this new feature and it is among the prime reasons that people are purchasing this model.

The feature is well-liked by the users but there are some instances when the new home button of iPhone 7 is not working properly. If you are among them then we would like to inform you that you are not alone. There are some users who are not satisfied with the performance of new home button. Apple has included a special button in case the home button does not respond to the taps. Users get the information that home button may require service. This message comes on the lock screen if the gadget system finds something unusual. Now just below the message you will get a button on the screen which will assist you to use it as the homescreen of  iPhone 7. You will keep getting this message till you get the model repaired from Apple.

It is up to the user where he wants to keep that button on the screen. Users can get a lot of functions of iPhone7 as soon as they tap the required section. There are rumours that Apple may remove the home button next year. It may be replaced with a new function which may appear on the screen. Company was regularly bringing new functions before but they preferred not to change home button. This is the first time that Apple changed the physical home button. Therefore something unique was expected this time. It is better to contact Apple as soon as possible if you are getting the message on your screen.

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