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Apple Watch Series 3 May Have Esim Feature

You may remember that around two weeks ago we were talking about Apple Watch Series 3. We told you that Apple was looking to release the new watch along with their new iPhone model. We further discussed that the company was looking to include the LTE support which will offer some new features to the user. Now a few more reports have arrived and experts are claiming that we may find eSIM feature in this upcoming watch. Apple Watch Series 3 can have an eSIM facility which will help the makers to offer more space within the watch. The available space is expected to be utilized to include a few more functions.

The new eSIM can be highly beneficial to manage the data with ease. However, it is important to mention here that calling facility may not be available in this model. There can be no Android support also. Therefore the main purpose will be to managing the data which can be highly beneficial for the user. The concept of eSIM is new for Apple’s wearable device but it is not new for Apple’s kitty. They brought a similar feature in 9.7 inch iPad Pro also. However, it seems that this new feature may appear more functional in this upcoming watch because it may help you to utilize a few more innovative things here. The main point for Apple in this watch is the proper management of data transmission characteristics. Therefore we may see a few more features at the time of release.

Now, you might be wondering if the users will get VoIP services or not if the calling feature is not available in this watch. The chances are not ruled out completely. You may be able to use FaceTime as well as Skypebut the actual report will arrive only at the time of release. The most surprising thing for the market will be the exclusion of Android Support. This support may have helped the company to add more sheets on their sales chart. However, people close to the industry are saying that Apple may not offer this support in Apple Watch Series 3.

Here we would like to mention that these are not the official information about this watch. Apple is famous to offer surprises at the time of official release. Therefore we can get the exact information only at the time of the official event. The company may also offer a new non-LTE watch. The size of this machine may not be changed this time. You may already know that 38mm and 42mm alternatives are available. So the same may arrive in 2017 also.

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