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Apple’s Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar

After a stunning success of Mac book series, the US technology firm unveiled its latest update with Mac book pro with lots of new features including the all new touch bar.

This time Company spends a lot of efforts for this Mac book pro which is more powerful, faster, thinner and lighter than before.


Display: Apple’s Mac book pro had a glorious 15- inch retina display, this time Mac notebook has most colorful display ever. First time in Mac series touch ID is available.

Processor: Mac book pro inbuilt with high performance processor, it configured a faster 2.9GHz quad-core processor with 3-8hHz turbo boost processing. Sky lake processor with 2TB of storage, faster RAM.

Portability: Mac book pro is incredible portable, data transferring and video output can be done by a single connector. Also deliver up to 40 G bps through thunderbolt 2.Its thunderbolt 3 is reversible which can be plug in any manner, usually it on right side up.

Keyboard: Mac book pro keyboard features the second generation butterfly mechanism which improves comfort level and better responsiveness.

Storage Capacity: Mac book pro stores file in i cloud automatically and access them on any device. It include faster storage up to 100%

New Features: Mac book pro introduces its new touch bar, it’s a multi touch enabled strip of glass built into keyboard for instant access for the tools.

It holds 10 hours of continuous battery life

Brighter LED backs lighting and an increased contrast ratio.

Mac book had dynamic range of volume up to 5.8 % more volume with two and a half louder bass for greater boom.

Mac book pro has all new aluminum body with silver and space gray.

The new touch bar supports to office.

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