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Arthroscopy Devices Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

Arthroscopy is defined as the image of internal arrangement of a joint performed with the help of imaging instruments like endoscopes. It is a minimally invasive method used in diagnosing and treating different joint ailments like cartilage tear, osteoarthritis, ligament tear, rheumatoid arthritis and the surgical procedure for removing the fluid from the inflamed tissue joint. Arthroscopy is generally carried out on the shoulder joint and knee. However, other joints like ankle, wrist and hip joints can also be scrutinized and tested with the help of an arthroscopic method. The growing old age world population combined with a highlighted demand for minimally invasive methods has sparked the growth of arthroscopy devices market. Further, a surge in sport related injuries has produced a significant demand for arthroscopic methods. As per the CDC (Center for disease control and prevention), the athletes of high school account for two million sports injuries yearly in USA.

The main advantage of the arthroscopic method is short hospital stay, less post surgical complication and less time for recovery which attracts the patients and is helpful for the growth and expansion of arthroscopy devices market. Strict rules and regulations for arthroscopy equipments approval along with unfavorable compensation benefits in developed economies have adversely affected the expansion and growth of the arthroscopy devices industry in these geographical locations. Further, increase in disposable earnings and per capita incomes in developing nations has increased the faith of OEMs towards these geographical locations.

As per the American orthopedic society for sports medicine, usually about four million persons have undergone knee arthroscopies and about 1.399 million shoulder arthroscopies are carried out globally in an year. The arthroscopy devices market encompasses different equipments like arthroscopic camera shavers, implants, fluid management systems, display methods and power driven apparatus. The arthroscopy devices market study report provides market research analysis of all the above given items along with the current technological breakthroughs, contributions and product developments of this arthroscopy equipment industry.

The arthroscopic visualization system sector is estimated to grow at a rate of more than nine percent from year 2013 to year 2019 followed by arthroscopic radiofrequency ablation system which is predicted to earn a revenue of about more than two hundred thirty million US dollars by the end of year 2019. But, the arthroscopic camera shavers business sector is expected to grow at the slow rate from the total arthroscopic devices market during the estimated time span.               

The arthroscopy devices market research study report projects the industry to grow at the CAGR rate of six percent during the period of year 2013 to year 2019 and accrue a revenue growth of about 5.10 billion US dollars by the end of the estimated time span.

Further the market research study report includes comprehensive information about market drivers, market inhibitors, market trends , technological trends, product benchmarking, market penetration , market size, market volume, market structure, company overview, market overview, business overview, competive market dynamics, competitive landscape, fiscal overview, competitor analysis, product analysis, product portfolio, profit analysis, demand analysis, market force analysis, market conditions, market fluctuations, market uncertainties, market classification, market diversification, demand analysis, market share analysis, market attractiveness analysis, product differentiations, business strategies, scenario analysis, strategic analysis, demand analysis, profit analysis, opportunity analysis, porter five force analysis, value chain analysis and PESTEL frame work. This information is explained by using the graphical data representation tools like tables, graphs, histograms, bar diagrams, pie charts, gantt charts, PERT charts and spreadsheets.

Our market research report study provides business information about the market for existing players, suppliers and new entrants. It helps them in building successful business strategies and assists them in shaping their business decisions helping them to earn maximum profit from their business.

The arthroscopy devices market is divided into four sections based on the geographical locations namely: Region of Europe, Sub Continent of North America, Rest of the World and APEC Zone.

Topographically, the arthroscopy devices market of region North America contributed for about highest market share of arthroscopy equipments of the worldwide arthroscopy devices in year 2012. It was followed by regions of Asia and Europe. The arthroscopy devices market of Asia is predicted to foresee highest growth & expansion in future during the forecasted period.

Key market players of this arthroscopy devices market include Arthrex, Stryker, Commed and Depuy Synthes.

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