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Astronomers shocked after detecting strong 5400mph wind on this exoplanet

Astronomers from the University of Warwick detected a strong wind around the exoplanet HD 188733b, which hit with a speed of 5400mph. Back in April 1996, the 4th category Cyclone ever recorded in weather station was Olivia (253mph/h).

The giant monster wind called Olivia was identified by the Bureau of Meteorologist, Australia. In contrast, the wind speed was 20 times stronger than ever recorded wind speed of planet earth.

Scientists calculated the wind speed with the help of spectronomy and other instruments. The researchers document every movement of exoplanet and put together all information.

Tom Louden from the university’s astrophysics group said, “This is the first ever weather map from outside of our solar system”. He also added in the words-the exoplanet weather information was collected from the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher telescope situated in the La Silla, Chile.

Moreover, the researchers publicized all the project detail in Astronomical Journal Letters. Scientifically, the exoplanet HD 189733b that lies 63 light years away is 10% bigger than the planet Jupiter. Due to its hotter temperature (higher than 1800 degree centigrade), they named HD 189733b as “Hot Jupiter”. Sci-tech today reports, the scientist also discovered a Venus like exoplanet that rounded with 500’F temperature. The study states, so much hot temperature leads to zero chance of water content on the planet.

These kind of instruments helps to study other planet weather changes. Since, the exoplanet HD 189733b was nearer to our planet, Astronomers find very easy to study the weather conditions. Previous research suggests, one part of the planet seems to be bluish when it rotates in the telescope and reddish on another part. The scientist says, blue color likely to get from silicate cloud in the atmosphere.

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