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Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone Running on iOS 8

iOS 8 has made typing on the iPhone very easy. Apart from the QuickType keyboard from Apple, there are other popular keyboard applications that have forced their way into the iOS operating store.

Most of these new keyboards are mostly what most Android users know so well and are now available for those who have the new Apple kids, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, including anyone whose Apple device has been updated with iOS 8. Here are a couple of keyboard options you might want to look at for iOS 8.

This is a free keyboard and very cool for those who might want to access diverse languages. Adaptxt comes with more than 80 languages, including specialized dictionaries, as well as those for different fields like financial, health and legal.

Within the Android version you will find special dictionaries ideal for various things like tennis or baseball, which the applications company has indicated will rise to about 40 in total. It is also a keyboard highly used in Android Smartphones as well and an option that delivers as expected.


Also a free keyboard app, it is one that has been used a lot on Android phones. It is well know for the way it intelligently knows the contacts most typed, words frequently typed and proper names.

It is also a keyboard that makes swipe-typing a delight while punctuation shortcuts work well and intuitively. You can also select color themes of your choice, enlarge the number and letters keys on the SwiftKey keyboard. Through SwiftKey Cloud the application syncs all the preferences on every device you have. SwiftKey in iOS 8 gives a number of choices in language, such as Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French.


At $0.99 this keyboard is very colorful and quite customizable. It comes with various color themes and small and original font sizes. It is very easy to personalize the app in your writing style if you give the app permission to access your email or social media account.

Fleksy has upped its game in iOS 8 by availing lots of languages with a social component, earning users badges if they download things such as languages.


Also $0.99, it was one of the most noticeable keyboards in the area of gesture type. It is easy to add capital letters, punctuation and symbols using gestures while adding custom words to Swype’s dictionary.

Like many other keyboards for iOS 8, word predictions are also provided while typing. After launching the app comes with five languages and five themes.


Also a fresh keyboard for those using iOS 8, it allows moving across a number of phrases and tapping once for the user to type a whole sentence. The phrases within the keyboard are fully customizable.

The application also lets you customize personal information such as Skype ID, Twitter name, email address and others to save yourself from retyping all kinds of symbols, letters and numbers. It also has a location section in case you have allowed the app to access your location and you can share where you are in your texts. Phraseboard is a free app, for now.

Once you have downloaded any of the mentioned apps go to the Settings-General-Keyboards and Add New Keyboard if you want to start using it.

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