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Best Twitter Clients For Your Devices

There is Twitter everywhere, not only the people, but their dogs, cats and even rat have got their own twitter profiles. People follow them to get some launch, affiliate marketers use it to make money, celebrities use it for, I don’t know what, but everyone seems to be using twitter for some reason.

I thought it will be good if I compile some great tools for twitter users. here it is.


I have been using Tweetdeck from, like, forever. Because, it is, hand down, the best twitter client out there. Plus, it runs in a browser, so, you can use it on Any platform. Linux, Windows, Mac, no problem.


HootSuite is a great Client which can be used on the web in your browser, there is no need for downloading anything. you can put your other social networking sites like Facebook, Linked In, MySpace.even ping.fm.

Twitterrific (for Mac and iPhones and iPad):

Twitterrific is available for all the three Apple products, Mac, iPhone, iPad. But the problem is Premium version has a price. if are looking for a twitter client for your Mac or iPad, you can go for TweetDeck as it is available for both.

Create Twitter Headers with Canva

This section deserves a standalone write-up, but I’ll mention it here. The new Twitter design allows you to put covers on for your profile. Canva is an amazing website that lets you create stunning head covers for your Twitter profile in few seconds.

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