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Biofertilizers Market Analysis By Product (Nitrogen Fixing, Phosphate Solubilizing), By Application (Seed Treatment, Soil Treatment) And Segment Forecasts To 2022

Biofertilizers Market Overview:

Worldwide Biofertilizers market volume was predicted at 535.7 million US dollars in year 2014. Excessive use of crop agrochemicals results in contamination of soil and various ecological risks. So Biofertilizers market is predicted as a main industry driver during the estimated time span.

Further, is being an environment friendly alternative, the Biofertilizers also help in maintaining crop and health of the soil. All these are manufactured by utilizing organic wastes like struvite as alternative for chemically depending fertilizers.

The universal agricultural guidelines of European union stimulates and boosts the applications and uses based on Bio farming combined with organic agriculture. It allocates about thirty percentage of budget money in the way of direct payment to peasants and farmers. It thus fulfills the conditions of sustainable and successful agricultural uses and procedures. Positive regulatory background, generally in regions of Europe and North America is predicted to be the key motivating force for the growth of Biofertilizers market.

Government authorities in India present a state initiative as a part and parcel of its 5 year scheme whose main objective is to boost the manufacture of Biofertilizers, its utilization and distribution by and large. This will stimulate the growth of Biofertilizers market in future.

Less costs of these items in comparison to their artificial equivalents is predicted to fuel the demand of Biofertilizers market in future. However, low consciousness among the peasants specifically in developing economies is predicted to hinder the growth of the Biofertilizers industry during the estimated period.

Governments in India and China have also carried out schemes to create awareness among farmers regarding the use of improved crop safety as well as security. However, rising consciousness about the advantages of products is predicted to increase the demand for Biofertilizers in future. 

Biofertilizers Market By Product:

Nitrogen fixation was the biggest product section accounting for more than seventy five percent of total market revenue share globally in year 2014. Biofertilizers that use Nitrogen fixing encompass assorted strains of different nitrogen fixing bacteria like acetobacter, rhizobium, azotobacter and azospirillum which help nitrogen contents of soil as well as microbial and organic content of the earth.

Solubilizers of Phosphate were one of the biggest product sections accounting for fifteen percent of worldwide revenue in year 2014. They are also predicted as the rapidly growing at 13.8 % CAGR rate from year 2015 to year 2022. These products comprise Phosphate Solubilizing bacteria that hydrolyze inorganic as well as organic phosphate generally from synthetic composites.

Optimum consumption and use of artificial fertilizers of phosphate in India, Australia and China in view of many manufacturing facilities estimated to stay a hindering aspect for the Biofertilizers market in coming years. 

Biofertilizers Market by Application:

Treatment of seeds with Biofertilizers was the biggest application and attributed for more than sixty five percent of the Biofertilizers market in year 2014. Biofertilizers treated seeds help them face and withhold bacterial as well as viral attacks, which helps the seeds to increase its crop yield.

Further, Biofertilizers treated seeds help in regulating the nitrogen in atmosphere and make it accessible to the plants. They are capable of growing phosphorous contents of the soil by solubilizing it and increasing its accessibility. Growing use of Biofertilizers treated seeds by the peasants will propel the growth of Biofertilizers market during the estimated time span.

Treatment of soil helps in growing the soil fertility and increase the yield of crops. Increasing requirement of fertility of land for agricultural uses in different countries like India, Brazil, China, USA and Italy is projected to give vital effect on the Biofertilizers market in future. 

Biofertilizers Market by Region:

Region of Asia Pacific attributed for more than fifteen percent of the total global market share in year 2014. China which is the world's biggest agricultural Biofertilizers market is encouraging its use by offering organic item producers with VAT exemption as well as exemption from agricultural and excise taxes. This is predicted to propel the demand for the Biofertilizers market during the forecasted time span.

Biofertilizers Market of the North American sub continent was the biggest regional market in year 2014 succeeded by Europe. They together contributed for about fifty four percentage of total world revenue market share. Rising public and market trend towards natural food combined with increasing consciousness about the related risks associated with atmospheric pollution and chemical fertilizers has led to increase in use of Biofertilizers in these areas.

Competitive Landscape:

Worldwide Biofertilizers market is bifurcated with many domestic players concentrating on the local markets. Companies like Novozymes and China Biofertilizers have made exclusive agreements to fulfill the needs of the customers. They are the biggest suppliers of Biofertilizers products to Regions of Europe and North America.

Few firms possess their own distribution connections and they thus increase their incomes by distributing the products of independent producers by using various channels of distribution and retail market.

Companies like Lallemand, AgriLife and National Fertilizers have set their own distribution and retail channels to minimize their distribution expenses assisting them to trade their products at reasonable prices.

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