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How to Block Facebook on a Computer

You would ask me why would anyone want to block Facebook on their computer when it is one on the most addictive thing on this planet. Well, this is the reason for making it not available on my computer.

I have been wasting so much time on Facebook, and my work struggled because of it. The other reason was that other people ( friends and family) around me were more into Facebook than me and I used to find them sitting on my PC checking their Facebook.

If you experience the same thing like me then this post might help you.

Block Facebook on a Particular Computer

Open Notepad (Run it as Administrator).
Open this path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Select All Files in the dropdown, now open the file names hosts.
You can add facebook.com at the bottom and keep adding the websites in new line if you want to block more websites.
And you are done, facebook will not open in any browser until you delete it from there.

Block Facebook on a Network

IF you are running multiple computers, for example in Office, you can used OpenDNS to block Facebook as well as many other websites.

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