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How to Block Websites in a Home or Office Network

Be it a Home network or an Office network, there is often a need to block websites to stay away from distracting websites like social networking websites, videos sharing or pornography sites. Whatever be the reason but don’t want anyone in your network to access these sites.

Well, here are few ways you can try to block certain websites. If you are using a router, you can look into it to find something that calls website filtering or website blocking. You can block the websites from there only. But if your router manufacturer doesn’t provide this feature then you can simply try out the other way.

Open DNS

Open DNS is a web content filtering and security service which provides you a DNS which you need to put it inside your router’s admin. Assuming that you know how to get into the admin/ control panel of your router. In most cases it’s /web/20140618002208/ ( I am sure you can find the admin and password yourself)

Steps are quite simple, you create and account with them, even a free account can work for you, but it’s you choice if you want to go higher paid accounts.

Now you have to add a network right inside your Open DNS account where you can block websites you want. You can add more than one network, this is if you want to do this one both Home and Office network.

Now, looking at the page above, you can see what option you got, you can also block any individual domain or sub domain if you want.

And this starts working easily in few minutes, I tried few times on different machines connected to the network.

This thing is extremely useful in situations like, when you host a party at your home and every one needs and access to your Home’s Wi-Fi networks to their laptops or Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones. You can give them limited access to them with this.

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