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How to Block Websites and Programs to Get Your Work Done in Time

Those who have worked on computers understand the problems that come with concentrating on the work at hand all the time. In most cases, there are zero network restrictions or even the websites that can be visited. In turn, you are able to access all social networks, sites of interests and even YouTube content. As you do all these things, you get easily distracted and focus is lost and no work gets done, whether you are working at the office or at home. A number of tools can help you concentrate and even focus better and raise performance at the office.

StayFocusd (Chrome Extension)

This is a Chrome Extension for Chrome browser users that works by limiting the minutes spent on a blocked sites list you have already ascertained. It is possible to have maximum time allowed set every day for each of the sites blocked. After using the time allowed, it will be hard to access all the restricted sites up until reset time or the end of the active period. As the timer keeps running, it will be hard to access any of the options; you will be required to type some text paragraph without making any mistake.

If you are desperately behind schedule and have urgent deadlines, the Nuclear Option comes in handy and allows you to disable all sites blocked with the allowed sites being those appearing on a list. Before turning the Nuclear Option on, ensure you know all the possible sites you definitely need prior to activating it. For those who are always finding themselves on Facebook, this tool is a must have.

Strick Workflow (Chrome Extension)

Also a Chrome extension, this tool gives you time to concentrate fully on tasks for a specific period of time before rewarding you thereafter. It is an ideal tool to help anyone concentrate through blocking certain websites in a list for a specified time frame. After the fixed time frame has lapsed, Strict Workflow then unblocks the sites to let you enjoy some break from your chores before unblocking them once more after the end of the break time.

Simple Timer (Firefox Extension)

While this Firefox add on is not able to block every website, it easily does its job through countdown time. Essentially, countdown time that is set up for instance every 50 minutes of serious work you receive 10 minutes break time. After setting the countdown timers they can be saved easily on the list to use in the future. The timer will then appear on the right bottom corner of Firefox browser to let you see the time left.

Leach Block (Firefox Extension) 

This is a Firefox add-on with all the options you need such as blocking websites for a specific time frame and even limiting the time you are on the web everyday or setting up the day you want LeachBlock to start working automatically. Leach Block also helps you to redirect all sites blocked to a page you have already predefined or make it to load very slowly. After setting up the options, it is also possible restrict settings access. It is also possible for parents to come up with passwords to prevent kids from accessing the sites.

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