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Blood Processing Devices and Consumables Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast

The worldwide blood processing devices and consumables market is stimulated by many aspects like rising demand from geriatric population for blood products and rise in complicated surgical procedures like orthopedic surgeries and open heart surgeries. The worldwide blood processing consumables and devices market was valued at 27.263 billion US dollars in year 2012. The industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR rate of 8.9% during the forecasted period 2013 – 2019 to touch a total revenue mark of 49.157 billion in year 2019. Further, stern government rules worldwide are also positively affecting the blood processing consumables and devices market. Producers are manufacturing technically enhanced and innovative products for gathering, processing, storing and delivering of components of blood plus blood.

Consumables and blood processing instruments are used to store and manage donated blood. Extraction and storage equipments like refrigerators, lancets, freezers and blood bags. Blood processing equipments and consumables comprise of different lab devices, cell processors and hematology reagents, which are used to test donated blood for the presence of blood-borne ailments and other hematological abnormalities.

Automatic equipments like whole blood collection equipments and automatic cell processor equipments contribute for a major share as compared to the manual blood collection and processing techniques commonly used & practiced in this business industry. Compilation & dispensation by using automatic instruments is time saving and grows functional efficacy. 

Blood processing devices and consumables market is bifurcated and analyzed under three sections namely devices, consumables and geographical locations.

Blood processing devices comprise of blood warmers, blood cell processors, blood bank freezers, blood bank refrigerators, Hematocrit centrifuges and blood grouping analyzers.

Blood processing consumables encompass vials, microscopic slides, slide stainers, blood collection tubes, sedimentation tubes, test tube racks, blood administration sets, hematology reagents and blood collection needles.

Key geographical locations include Region of North America, Rest of the World, Asia Pacific Zone and Europe.

The key driver for blood processing devices and consumables market is the risk of spreading of diseases and ailments through transfusion of blood. The contagious diseases like Hepatitis and HIV- AIDS are caused due to blood transfusion. The testing methods in blood processing annihilate this risk of causing such dreaded blood-borne ailments. Due to enormous advantages of blood processing, many governments all across the globe support these methods by drafting favorable compensation policies that favor blood processing. Rise in amount of surgical methods requiring blood transfusions, specifically in developed nations, boosts the blood processing devices and consumables market further.

Region of North America accounts for the biggest market share of the blood processing devices and consumables market due to developed economies, rising level of public awareness and enormous support from government. In addition to this, growth in these nations is also motivated by certain key aspects like high per capita incomes amount the population of these nations, high disposable incomes and favorable government policies.

The blood processing devices and consumables market in region of Asia Pacific is rapidly increasing due to rising population as well as increasing demand and growing demand for blood components. Further, growing demand for safe collection of blood and transfusion methods are likely to make the industry more profitable for dealers. Due to this, dealers get the business opportunities for blood processing equipments in these developing regions.

The market report study on the worldwide blood processing and consumables market provides a comprehensive and section wise market analysis. Historical statistical charts displaying the growth of blood processing devices and consumables market, recent market trends likely to have the most significant impact on the market's future growth trajectory and growth estimations for the blood processing devices and consumables market are included in the market study report.

The market research report is a detailed database of the universal blood processing and consumables market. The report includes impact analysis, scenario analysis, segmentation analysis, market trends, technological trends, value chain analysis, strategic analysis ,SWOT analysis , market inhibiting aspects, forces driving market growth , market forces affecting the demand and supply of industry, trend analysis, market fluctuations, situation analysis, environmental scanning , PESTEL framework, business strategies, market penetration, portfolio analysis, product analysis, product portfolio, product differentiation, market classification, product benchmarking, trends analysis, patent analysis, segmentation analysis, market growth analysis, cost benefit analysis , porter five force analysis profit analysis, market overview, company overview, product sections, business overview, financial overview, analysis of business environment, competitive analysis and market diversification.

Our market research report study also provides comprehensive information on product development, product growth, competive landscape, business associations, business collaborations, product catalogs, business partnerships and business investments promoting and driving the growth of blood processing and consumables market as well as the market participants of the industry. 

The blood processing and consumables market is highly bifurcated and experiences tough competition amount the key market players. Producers all across the globe execute mergers and acquisitions as their growth plan for their business expansion as well as geographical expansion. This also contributes to the expansion and growth of innovative new items.

Blood processing and consumables market symbolizes a high volume low profit business industry, thus the strategic costs of the items varies among different market participants of the industry.

Key market players that influence the production of blood processing equipments and consumables profiled in this market research report study include Abbott Laboratories, Dickinson, Becton, Bio-Rad Laboratories, MacoPharma SA, Haemonetics Corporation and Holdings AG.

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