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Bogus Images of iPhone 6SE Packages Appearing Online

We still have a few weeks left to see the next iPhone model by Apple. However some fake images over the internet are creating confusion among the masses. There are reports that Apple is planning to launch the next iPhone model in September. So it is not uncommon that prior to release some rumours are surfacing from different sources. It is surprising that this latest rumour has spread worldwide very quickly. Many people have started believing it. There is one thing which we would like to clarify here is that the images which you may have also noticed a few days ago are fake. It is better not to believe it at this point of time.

Market specialists are giving their view about these packages. They are saying that if we take a clue about the specifications of this upcoming model then it clearly gives an idea that these images are not true. These are the photoshop images and the text showing the details of upcoming iPhone are not correct. The name of the device appearing here is not convincing because the printing method is wrong. It is certainly not the way Apple likes to print the name of the gadget on their packages. The wallpaper presentation also is not genuine because Apple will surely not follow the same old route to show their device.

It is correct that the chances of any major update on iPhone are very less this year. However it does not mean that Apple will not follow their traditions to show their gadgets. These fake packages are very different from the usual practices which Apple follow. So it is better if you should not believe on any such news right now that Apple will certainly release iPhone6 SE.

Apple may release the next model in next two weeks. The exact date can be September 7th but it is still not official. The upcoming model is expected to have some changes in camera section. There may not be 3.5 mm headphone jack this time. So people will definitely like to see what Apple is going to offer if they are removing the jack with this edition. Pre-order is expected to start from September 9th whereas the actual sale may start either from September 16th or September 23rd, 2016. The leaked package details are questionable. Therefore we should stop believing any such gossip and wait for the official confirmation by the makers.

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