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Bosch Launched New Brakes That Could Reduce Air Pollution and Road Accidents

On November, 2017, Bosch introduced a new brake called the iDisc that can cut air pollution as well as road accidents. The product was developed after years of research and helps alleviate particulate-emission problem in cities by reducing brake dust by 90%. Tire, road and brake wear is responsible for most of the particulate pollution caused from road traffic. Brake dust is responsible for causing a significantly high driving-related particulate emission. iDisc helps to address this cause by reducing the brake dust and thereby improving the quality of air, particularly in cities. The tungsten-carbide coating of the iDisc acts as its unique selling point. The iDisc costs approximately three times more than a normal cast iron brake disc. However, with production volume increasing, the price expected to fall. The iDisc has other benefits as well apart for the brake dust reduction. One such benefit being the carbide coating of the iDisc ensuring greater operational safety. Similar to ceramic brakes, the iDisc is high on stabilty when it comes to fading and loses little deceleration performance. As compared to a normal disc brake, the service life of iDisc is two times more. Furthermore, the carbide coating of the iDisc, makes it look pleasing to the eyes and at the same time being corrosion-resistant and water-resistant, it look remains intact even after years of use.

Analyst View:

The nature of the product is expected to make it an instant hit in the market and there lies tremendous market potential for the same. Moreover, considering the ongoing particulate pollution debate in various countries and large cities across the world, iDisc expected to be in huge demand in the market in the coming years. The potential of the new product can be understood from the fact that in 2016 itself, demand for brake discs was pegged at 330 Mn units worldwide.

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