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Buccaneers Fans Hope Lies In Jameis Winston

Although Jameis Winston’s National Football League debut was unimpressive to most, plenty of fans still hope he will be able to lead the team to a winning season. In his first preseason game, Winston’s highly anticipated top performance did not pan out. Squared against the Minnesota Vikings, a night filled with excitement soon turned to dismay among fans.

Even with the Vikings having a strong defensive line, most fans felt that Winston could take them on with no problem. However, he finished poorly, going 9 for 19 for 131 yards of passing with one interception. He also had four carries for 18 yards to include a touchdown rushing.

Unfortunately, the first two drives were totally unproductive with the Buccaneers offense only managing one first down and Winston going zero for three in passing. Even though the game did not go as planned, many fans are willing to give Winston a pass, believing a lot of his poor performance had to do with rookie jitters.

However, along with a lot of mishaps, Winston had some positive moments in the game. Overall, he is an extremely talented player with a lot to offer but after his debut, it became obvious that he still has a long road of ahead in becoming a franchise quarterback.

Even with a disappointing start, most fans are remaining optimistic about the entire season, especially having had such a bad record last year. As people stated, all the team can do at this point is go forward and upward since there is really nothing else to lose.

Of course, all eyes will remain on the first overall pick from Florida State, who knows there is a lot of pressure riding on his shoulders and ability to turn the team around. Fans offer their full support to Winston, hoping he is exactly what the Buccaneers need to once again be a dynamic team.

In an effort to get fans re-energized, a new marketing campaign was launched. For that, the tag line “Siege the Day” was used with television spots, banners, and billboards used to spread the word. The next preseason game for the Buccaneers will be held on August 24 when on home turf they go up against the Bengals.

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