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Celebrating Gudi Padwa

India is a land of cultures, traditions, rituals and lots of festivals .Each festival has its own origin and importance in our life, the next festival come arises is the most famous ‘Gudi Padwa‘. It’s been celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm and Holy Spirit.

According to the luni solar calendar shuka paksha pratipada is celebrated as the New Year of the Hindu calendar, considered as the 1st day of the chiatra month.

India’s economy is mostly depends on agriculture, here peoples worshiped their land as holy mother and show their respect with different festivals.

Gudi Padwa is highly auspicious day for Maharashtrian, it belongs to their tradition values and beginning of Vansant ritu or spring season.

This year gudi padwa will be celebrated on 28 March, Tuesday.

Origin of Gudi Padwa:

Rituals of Gudi Padwa:

Special Customs of Hoist Gudi:

Gudi padwa’s food:

Top first thing one should take on this morning is the popular panchtatri, which is made up of five things, jiggery,  tender neem leaves, coriander seeds, tamarind juice, some add hing (asafoetida)or some add ajwain ( carom seeds) to it . It’s a mixture of sweet and sour taste. Scientifically this chatni purifies blood and strengthen immune system.

Puran poli is the tradition dish of maharashtrian and this important festival is in completed without having puran poli.

In some families shree khand is also added to this day meal.

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