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Comcast’s Launches New Video Streaming App ‘Stream TV’ Without Data Caps

Comcast offers the incredible feature of on-demand content through its newly launched Stream TV. This was first launched last week in Boston, and it does vary from the services like Netflix and Hulu, which completely eliminate the payment towards the TV cables.

The new app Stream TV is exclusive for the internet-using customers, because it requires a decent internet connection to stream channels. This app doesn’t charge extra along with the data allowance, but it’s exclusive to certain service providers. Stream TV, being one of the newest video apps by Comcast allows you to stream as many videos you want, without crossing the limit. It clearly rejects the net-neutrality, though several critics have put forward their views on why the program is a potential violation of the neutrality law.

This stream TV costs around $15 that will also include the local taxes and it would vary with the market. The best feature of Stream TV is that it’s not a free internet service, but a free cable service, and hence doesn’t count under violating net neutrality. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any set-top box along with it, or any other related equipment. With its sui generis features, it claims to make video streaming easier and cheaper, eliminating the use of traditional cable service.

Comcast tries to define a new internet future, alongside claiming that it’s purely a cable service. This very aspect has aroused criticism among others. The policy director at Free Press stated that Comcast’s Stream TV is definitely not a cable service, as all the streaming is done straight over the internet. It is also not an exclusive service provided by Comcast. All these critics bombarded from the other potential competitors, sure question the same over and again: Does Comcast’s Stream TV aim to really achieve net-neutrality through this incredible feature? We hope it does.

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