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This Cool Chrome Extension Brings Facebook Chat Heads for Desktop

Facebook chat heads is the feature of Facebook Messenger app, what it does is, it pops up the face of someone who messages you, this happens when you are using any other app, and you can reply to them directly without leaving the app.

Simply put, it’s a great feature for people who constantly get messages from their friends. I mean, you can save few seconds of your life every time someone messages you.

How cool will it be if something like this comes to desktops, at the least, I will be very happy, because Facebook is the site that distracts me and make me go back to the site to check messages.

Fortunately there is an extension for Chrome that mimics the exact same feature into Chrome browser.

Lets see how it works.

You install the extension, it appears on the right side of the address bar where all other extension appear.

If you are logged into Facebook, this extension will do the rest of the thing, the great thing is, you don’t have to keep the Facebook site open for this to work, close it, start working and a popup will appear when someone messages you, bring your mouse of to their face and you will be able to see the message, click on that and the windows appears that looks something like this, (look below).

Quite a simple feature but useful to a lot of people like me who keep cribbing about unproductive work day because of this stupid Facebook and still keep checking it out every 10 minutes.

Install the Chrome Extension.

However, it only solves the problem of checking out messages, you will still have to fight the temptation of checking out what’s going on in your friends’ lives. Or maybe you can block Facebook on your Computer, or maybe on the whole network. We can just give you options.

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