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“Depression” Stills a Taboo

Depression is a mental illness, caused by different variation of the moods of peoples facing different problems of their life. It’s been a worldwide health issue which can knock at the door of World Health Organization also.

Estimate of people living with depression is unacceptable. It affects all age people, you may not categorized it to any group of persons, it  may affects men, women, adults, old age people even small children too.

Around 80% of people suffer from this mental problem, but no one get help to it, even people can’t talk about it.

Why depression is still a taboo in many countries:

Depression is a mental illness causes due to different issues of life like, failure risk, unemployment, broken relationships, loneliness, physical problems, bullying, past accident, death of beloved one any many more issues which can affect peoples life’s so badly that they go in depression. But not said it openly, they may handle all the things lonely and faces the difficulties and after that final outburst of depression is come with suicide.

It’s important to everyone who living with depression to talk about it, it’s not such a diseases to hide it or not to share it with someone. If you are in depression or worrying about anything of your life than you must concern to a doctor, take proper medication, or talk to your family members or close one and friends, change your daily routine may help you to overcome from depression. There is nothing about to be shame off; it’s a mental disease which should be cure at the right time.

Next time if you find your close one in depression then help them out to overcome with it, life is a gift of god, not losses it just because you faces some difficult time. Not only common people even celebrities and successful persons once in life suffer from depression like, ‘Abraham Lincoln’, Jim Carey, and J.K. Rowling, etc.

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