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Dream of being an Astronaut: NASA plans to hire new Astronauts

NASA plans to put first person on a red planet. The Mars mission on the roll and tonnes of innovation happening in the space organization. The discovery of water in the Mars surface was trending in the major portion of 2015 searches. NASA made an announcement on their official blog, “they begin accepting applications for the next class of astronaut candidates”. The space agency wants to send human on the red planet. Researchers gone through many experiments to check whether it is habitable or not. Soon after the announcement, they started to receive tonnes of application. This open message is considered as a dream chance to become a space explorer and scientist. The Mars mission is the dream and NASA’s challenging space mission.

It’s been a long time – their last career opportunity posting date was in 2011.Do you want to take part in the Mars mission, the application open session starts on December 14 and last in February 2016.

How you can join NASA?

The work and responsibility in space organization are pretty awesome. NASA receives thousand of applications, while the vacancies are available for 2-3 jobs. To screen them all is very difficult. NASA uses public post and social media to spread the word, when they want a new team members on the board. The word of mouth and online news spread is the fastest way to bring experienced applicants.

Things required to get through the first screening are:

If you are crazy about space and have relevant experience, we encourage you to apply or spread the word to anyone. NASA wants you to make sure their Mars voyage is a success. Reaching new heights and putting boot prints on Mars is what’s next on NASA’s checklist.

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