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Everything You Know about Cheti Chand

Cheti Chand jyon lakh lakh wadayun athav, means lakhs and lakhs of wishes for happy cheti chand. Wish you all a very happy cheti chand.

Chedi chand festival is come around at corner; it’s the most important festival of sindhi community which is celebrated in India and Pakistan.

Cheti chand is celebrated on the second day of the chiatra month, considered as New Year in Hindu calendar.

It’s been celebrated on 29 March, Wednesday 2017

Origin of the Cheti Chand:

The word cheti chand means the chaitra month’s moon, which is called as the new moon day of the year. Cheti chand is celebrated as commemorate of the birth anniversary of the Ishtadeva Uderlal, popularly known as jhule lal a patron saint of sindhis.

According to the sindhi’s mythology lord jhule lal considered as incarnation of the Hindu water god varun dev.

Rituals of Cheti Chand:

Main practices on this day:

Other Cultural Programs on Cheti Chand:

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