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Exploring Updates of Windows 10 Creator

1Paint: The latest update of Windows 10 is the new paint 3D app that makes creating and painting easier. You can change color, texture and make your imagination in a 3D image and share it to social sites also.

2 Broadcast Gaming: Beam game streaming makes online gaming easier, it can be activated at any time using the operating system’s game bar. With new windows 10 you can play Xbox games in native 4k resolution.

3 E- books in Windows:  Microsoft edge acts as a primary e-reader. You can read e-books of your favorite genres whether it is horror, romantic, comedy, dramatic and other genre of your favorite author just on a click of edge tab preview bar on Windows 10.

4 Privacy Dashboard: You can choose privacy setting for your device with protection security including antivirus, firewall, and windows defender and anti phishing technologies. Windows 10 provides a new Windows hello password for fastest security of your device.

5 Google Map: Maps can be doodle on using windows Ink and you can even draw a route map and window automatically create a route with 360 degree video support.

6 New Update Platform:  You can reduce the processing power needed to update, shrink the size of the update and streamline files. Window automatically arranged all the files and apps in a productive manner.

7 Dynamic Lock: Windows 10 creator automatically lock your device, when you are away from your pc. You can also playing music by controlling playback right from your lock screen.

8 Window UR: Latest update of Window 10 creator include the holographic shell, support for augmented virtual and reality apps. You can easily find popular games, videos, movies and music.

9 Emoji Keyboard: Windows 10 featured emoji keyboard with new font with fidelity and skin tone options that are available in 25 languages.

10 Cortana App: With cortana you can create, add and access you’re requires from cortana with voice or text. By using cortant you can find things, set reminders on your devices.

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