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Facebook May Bring Dislike Button Soon

You may have noticed that Facebook brought a number of new buttons last year. There were a lot of speculations about ‘Dislike’ button also at that time. However the social media platform preferred not to bring this option due to some reasons. Now a leaked report is suggesting that Facebook is getting ready to bring the new ‘Dislike’ button soon. Some tests are going on and if they are successful then we may get this new button with a ‘thumbs down reaction. The exact date of availability is not clear but there are chances that Facebook may offer the new button from this month.

Many experts from the industry are saying that Facebook may first offer this button on Messenger. They may extend it to website if they find the medium successful. Company just gave an official statement that they are trying different ways to make Messenger more interesting than before. They further told that it will make the platform more engaging and people will enjoy the new features with ease. Facebook gave a clear hint that some tests are going on and those are related to emoji which represent the feelings in a true manner.

Most of the experts are saying that Facebook is looking to include a special ‘Thumbs Down’ reaction. However there is no official statement for the same. Company is not planning to show it like a ‘Dislike’ button. There can be a separate button which may appear close to the three dots in Messenger. It will be a separate emoji section which may have different kinds of reaction. Some experts have the view that it can be a separate ‘no’ button also. We can understand it by an example. Suppose your friend is suggesting you to visit a specific place. However you are not interested then you utilize the ‘no’ button here. Different emojis are going to make Messenger more interesting this year.

We have seen before that Facebook is constantly adding new features to their platform. They are well aware of the rising competition and they do not want to take any chances. New features are making their platform more appealing to the users. It is helping them to maintain the inquisitiveness among the masses. Therefore more and more people are eager to check the new functions. They have started checking the feedbacks of many users. If they find that most of the users are satisfied then they may not take much time to offer this function to everyone.

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