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Facebook Messenger Day Feature Now Ready to Compete with Snapchat Stories

Facebook is well-aware of the changing trends of the business and they like offering new things as soon as possible. The best thing about the platform is that they do not think twice before offering new things to their users. This is certainly one of the best things for the users of this platform as well as Facebook. Company is looking to change with time. Moreover many users will surely like the innovative features as it helps them to utilize new characteristics.

Facebook has taken the inspiration from Snapchat and they are planning to offer a special “Messenger Day” feature. It will work very similar to Snapchat stories. Instagram is also offering similar feature. Facebook has taken its own way to offer this function. They are offering the feature on those parts of the world where Snapchat and Instagram are not very popular. This will surely help Facebook to establish their new feature. Company is offering the function in Poland. Facebook Messenger now contains Messenger Day here which is appearing on the top of the conversation sections.

Now you can use Video snippets to make the conversations more interesting than before on Facebook Messenger also. You can also include graphics as well as animated chats. Therefore sharing stories in your own way is going to be more exciting this time. The feature is currently available in Poland. However it is almost certain that Facebook will start rolling out this feature in other countries also. Currently the exact time is not available but it may arrive very soon. There will also a live broadcast facility also. Therefore now you can easily understand how useful the Facebook Messenger is going to become in coming times.

This new way of sharing the stories on Facebook is getting famous with every passing day. Users can just swipe the section to check the stories. The whole story will remain for 24 hours and it will disappear after that time. Currently company is saying that they are just testing the feature. But it is almost certain that Facebook will like to offer this function as soon as possible. The feature may be available to Windows 10 users at the beginning. Later on it will appear in other platforms also. We all know that the user-base of Facebook Messenger is more than Snapchat. Therefore Facebook will like to utilize their current position to make this feature popular among their users.

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