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Features That Make Samsung Galaxy S9 Unique

MWC 2018 just concluded in Barcelona a few days ago. We saw a number of makers showing different gadgets. Samsung is the top Android gadget maker at present. It was an open secret that they were going to show Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9Plus through this event. They brought these models as per the expectations. Many experts are praising this model for some unique functions. Here we are going to discuss many vital points of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. It will give you an idea how this model is different from others.

The appearance of Galaxy S9 may not be very different from Galaxy S8. However, once you start using it, you will feel the difference. The gadget works with incredible speed and it is appearing faster than its predecessor. This feature makes Samsung Galaxy S9 a true premium model. The camera is another point which makes the smartphone different. The new state-of-art camera is capable of capturing breathtaking images. You will easily understand the difference between Galaxy S9 and others once you start utilizing its features. The gadget is capable of capturing true quality images and videos in dark. The screen is somewhat bigger this time. Therefore this gadget can be among the top choices for those who love to play games frequently and who like to watch videos for long.

There are many other things which may capture the attention of the people after the release. This smartphone can turn your image into emojis. It is almost certain that many users would like to test this feature as soon as they get their model. One of the best things is that you would be able to utilize these emojis through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. The function is exciting. Isn’t it?

Some additional points are making Samsung Galaxy S9 more supportive. Makers have included Super-Speed Dual Pixel 12MP sensors here. This technology helps the user to capture the images with moving articles without any difficulty. It has Bixby Real-Time Translation as well as Super Slow-Mo Mode. So if you want a premium model with added features then Galaxy S9 can be a good choice. Samsung has included Multi-frame Noise Reduction in this model. Therefore if you like to capture high-quality images frequently then this feature will appear handy many times. It is a known fact that many Samsung models didn’t receive security patches and updates frequently. Nokia and Google gadgets lead in this section. However, it may change this year with Galaxy S9. This model supports Project Treble. Therefore users can receive regular updates in future.

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