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Final Look of iPhone 8 Leaked

The fifth month of a year is the time from where we generally start getting details of upcoming iPhone model. The same is happening this year also. Many sources are indicating that the final look of iPhone8 is now available. The information appears to be reliable as the sources from where these details emerged have a proven track record. This factor cannot be neglected and the chances are high that we may see the same specifications at the time of release.

The leaked information shows that the upcoming iPhone model may not have the home button. We discussed with you before that Apple is going to make the tenth anniversary of iPhone special. Therefore they will surely like to offer the kind of model which may not appear similar to the current model. There is another point which is going to be special this year. The image gives a hint that we may get an iPhone with curved display. It is undoubtedly special because the model can get a stylish appearance. Many people were saying from some time that Apple doesn’t want to keep the home button for long. Now it seems that finally Apple has decided to offer something unique in 2017. There can be a special TouchID sensor which will make the model special.

The available image is hinting for a 2.5D curved screen which will be present on the back as well as front section. The stainless steel mid-frame is going to work as a link between front and back section. There can be a vertical dual-camera setup on the rear section. Therefore we cannot neglect the possibilities of one of the best cameras on iPhone. Some specialists are hinting for a top quality optical zoom feature. Therefore most of the iPhone fans who like to utilize high-quality camera on their gadgets will prefer to check.

These are just the initial information which we may see in the upcoming iPhone model. Company may not include 3.5 mm headphone jack. Therefore some new functions will be available which will enhance the overall experience of enjoying the music. Apple may also include wireless charging feature. We just discussed with you that WWDC 2017 event is going to be held in California. This event may give a few more hints about the functions and software of this upcoming device. Apple may launch the model in the last quarter of 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

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